Personal data

Personal data act (523/99) 10 §


Date 7.1.2018


Ommelkupla ay

VAT 28637804

2.Contact person

Eveliina Hakamäki

3.Name of the credit data webshop user register

4.Purpose of collection personal data webshop collects personal data for keeping touch on customers, marketing and other purposes that are related to webshop.

5. Personal data files that are collected

Basics like:
- Name
- Address
- Telephone number
- E-mail

6. Collecting

User of webshop fills personal data and controller collects the personal datas in to credit data files.

7. Data subject and third party

Collector doesn't admit personal data files to third party. No admitting over EU or ETA.

8.Pricipals of protection of personal data files

Personal data files are saved by collector of Personal data files are saved by softwares. Access to personal data files requires username and password. Authorized persons are companys employees. Only authorized person has access to the personal data files.

9. Disallow collecting personal data

Data subject has right to disallow the controller to make any marketing or gallups or genealogy by using personal data files. Data subject have to make it written and get it to controller.

10. Right to check own personal data files

Data subject has right to check the personal data files of his/her own. Data subject have to make the request written and get it to controller.

11. Correct personal data files

If personal data includes information that  are wrong, unnecessary, faulty or dated have to be erased or filled with right information. Data subject can demand controller to erase this kind of personal data or controller can erase data files. Data subject contacts the controller to correct the files.